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Today Sadhguru is known internationally for his works. He has visited many countries and discussed with big personalities. The books written by him are read in many countries. Sadhguru’s name comes among the 50 most influential people of India. In this article you will read his biography and know more information about his personal life.

Sadhguru Biography

Sadhguru Biography
1. Real nameJagdish Vasudev
2. Age in 202366 Years
3. Birthday3 September 1957, Tuesday
4. EducationB.A from University of Mysore
5. DaughterRadhe Jaggi
6. WifeVijaya Kumari

Sadhguru is a yogi, spiritual teacher, visionary and mystic. He is a renowned speaker at international level. He has established the Isha Foundation of Coimbatore. People come to Isha Foundation from all over the country and abroad.

He was born on 3 September 1957 in a Telugu family in Mysore (Karnataka). After completing his schooling, he started studying English Literature from Mysore University.

After graduation, he received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature degree. His parents wanted him to do post-graduation. But he did not do post-graduation and started his career in business.

He started his business by opening a poultry farm. Jagdish Vasudev (Sadhguru) also told the reason for opening the poultry farm.

He told that poultry farm does not require much attention and time and he could spend the rest of his time peacefully. Apart from this, he could also do his other favorite things. Like writing poetry.

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He was making profit in poultry business. But his family members were not happy with his poultry business. Therefore, he closed the poultry business and started the construction business.

Vasudev opened a company by the name of Buildaids. He opened this business in partnership with his civil engineer friend. He was getting success in business.

But at the age of about 25 he had many spiritual experiences. After having these experiences he closed his business. And he started traveling to different places.

Sadhguru’s family

Sadhguru with his wife and daughter

Sadhguru’s real name is Jagdish Vasudev. And he is sometimes also addressed as Jaggi Vasudev. His father’s name is B.V. Vasudev and mother’s name is Sushila Vasudev.

He was the youngest of the five children of B.V. Vasudev. His father was an ophthalmologist in Mysuru Railway Hospital. And his mother was a housewife.

Jagdish Vasudev married Vijaya Kumari in 1984. Both of them have only one daughter, Radhe Jaggi. Vijaya Kumari died on 23 January 1997.

Sadhgur’s daughter marriage

Sadhguru’s daughter Radhe Jaggi was married to Sandeep Narayan in 2014. Sandeep Narayan is an Indian classical singer.

Sadhguru’s spiritual journey

Jagadish Vasudev did not have any spiritual background. He had his first spiritual experience at the age of 25. This incident happened on 23 September 1982, when he had gone to the Chamundi hills.

He told that he had the first spiritual experience of his life when he was sitting on a stone. After about 6 days, he had this experience again at home.

Sadhgur’s popularity

After his spiritual experiences, Sadhguru ji left his business and started traveling to different places.

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After about a year of meditation and travelling, he decided to teach yoga to people. So that he can share his spiritual experiences with people.

Gradually Sadhguru’s popularity started increasing. And people started coming to him from far and wide. Today he has become an international celebrity. Sadhguru is very famous on instagram. Millions of people follow Sadhguru Instagram Account.

Apart from this, through Sadhguru website you can know and understand about his many videos and things related to spirituality.

Sadhguru Quotes

Sadhguru Quotes on Life

When you say, ‘My life is my action,’ then you are saying, ‘My life is of my making.’ This is the most powerful way to live.

Whether you are a man, a woman, an animal, or an ant – the source of life is within you.

When you put in the work, procrastination is the biggest crime.

Feminine nature or the feminine is not a gender – it is a dimension.

The greatest miracle in the universe is this: everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing.

Although karma is a bondage for you, if you handle it properly, karma can also become a stepping stone for your liberation.

In terms of the potential a human being possesses, this is a very short life.

Nothing can be mastered without complete devotion and commitment.

His Positive Quotes

Whatever you want will happen if you keep your energy cheerful and focused.

Don’t wait for miracles to happen. Life itself is the biggest miracle.

Life is a dream, but this dream is true.

Compassion is an all-inclusive passion.

When it comes to happiness, love, and joy in life, you are the source.

Sadhguru Quotes on Happiness

The feeling of spontaneity brings the power of peace in you.

Grace is subtle. Unless you’re alert, you’ll miss it.

Getting angry is like beating yourself from within.

Intelligent people wonder about things while foolish people are completely sure.

Only those who immerse themselves completely in work know what rest is.

Sadhguru’s social media details

S.No.Social MediaPage NameAccount HandleSubscribers in 2023Posts
1.InstagramSadhguru@sadhguru10.9 M7873
2.FacebookSadhgurusadhguru9.8 M
3.twitterSadhguru@SadhguruJV4 M13.5K
4.English YouTubeSadhguru@sadhguru11.6 M3.1K
5.Hindi YouTubeSadhguru Hindi@SadhguruHindi6.27 M1.7K
7.Instagram Isha FoundationIsha Foundation@isha.foundation1.6 M6078
9.linkdinSadhguru JV@SadhguruJV170K

Contact Info

Phone – 083000 83111

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Email –

Meet Sadhguru


Sadhguru is a yoga teacher, life guide, poet and writer. He has experienced many dimensions of life and teaching people about yoga since 1982.

He has done many amazing things in his life so far. Like he founded Isha Foundation in 1992. Apart from this, he has also consecrated the Dhyana Linga and Linga Bhairavi.

He has spread a lot of awareness among the people to save Mother Nature. He has launched big campaigns like Cauvery Calling and Save Soil.

In this article you read sadhguru biography. After reading this article you must have come to know about Sadhguru and the many humanitarian works done by him.

He has told many things through his discussions to make human life beautiful and simple. If you want, you can watch the videos of those discussions from YouTube and make your life simpler.

If you want to know more about the sages and saints of our country then you can also read about Premanand Ji Maharaj

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