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Meena Kumari: Biography | Death | Husband | Love Story

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Meena Kumari started working in films at the age of four. She was very good at acting. She worked in many successful films during her lifetime. Through this article, you will know about the biography and death of Meena Kumari, who is called the Tragedy Queen of Bollywood, apart from this, you will also get to know about her husband Amrohi through this article.

Meena Kumari Biography

meena kumari death

Meena Kumari was born on 1 August 1933 in Bombay (presently Mumbai), British India. Her name was Mahjabeen Bano. Her father was a Sunni Muslim named Master Ali Bux.

Meena Kumari’s mother Iqbal Begum’s real name was Prabhavati Devi, she was a Christian. He converted to Islam after marriage. However Iqbal Begum was the second wife of Ali Bux.

It is said that when Meena Kumari was born, her father Ali Bux was not happy. Because they wanted a son. Meena also had two sisters, her elder sister’s name was Khurshid and her younger sister’s name was Mahalika (also known as Madhu).

Her father Ali Bux was also disappointed on the birth of Meena because he now had three daughters and no son. His financial condition was not good.

Meena Kumari Education and Career

Meena loved going to school in her childhood and like any other child. But due to poor financial condition, his parents started taking him to film studios for work.

Director Vijay Bhatt selected her to work in the film Leatherface and Mehjabeen Bano alias Meena Kumari was paid Rs 25 on the very first day of her work.

After working in this film, she became the earning girl in Ali Bux’s family at a young age. She started supporting her family financially at the age of just four.

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Her Leatherface film was released in 1939. She was never able to complete her school studies properly because of her work. However, he learned many things by reading on her own. She was fond of poetry and had knowledge of many languages.

Mehjabeen Bano initially worked mostly for Vijay Bhatt. When the shooting of the film ‘Ek Hi Bhool’ was going on, Vijay Bhatt named Mehjabeen as “Baby Meena“.

meena kumari chilhood movie scene

She was cast in the 1946 film “Child’s Play”. Her name was Meena Kumari in that film. She rose to fame with the 1952 film Baiju Bawra directed by Vijay Bhatt.

In this film she has played the role of the lead actress. After doing this film, his career took off. After this she did many films which were very successful.

As good as Meena Kumari’s luck was regarding films and career, it was nothing like that in real life. Her real life was full of storms. She saw so much sorrow in her life that people started calling her the Tragedy Queen.

Meena Kumari Love Life

Although Meena Kumari had a love marriage, her married life was not good. His marriage with Kamal Amrohi was also a secret for some time, about which only a few people knew.

Both of them met while working in the film world. It is said that they first met each other in 1938, when Kamal Amrohi was looking for a child artiste for the film Jailer.

Then after a few years, Ashok Kumar introduced Amrohi to Meena on the sets of the film Tamasha. Then after this they kept meeting each other and both of them also worked together.

While working, they fell in love with each other and wanted to marry each other. Both of them got married secretly from people.

This marriage was hidden from the people although Kamal Amrohi was already married and had three children from his first wife. After a few months, the matter of Nikah came to the public.

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kamal meena together

After this Meena Kumari came to live at her husband Kamal Amrohi’s house in Sion and was allowed to continue her film career under certain conditions by her husband.

During an interview, Kamal’s son Tajdar (son of Kamal’s first wife) revealed the conditions put forward by Kamal to Meena. According to him, Meena will have to return home before 6 pm, cannot go out with any co-star, nor will she sign any new film and cannot wear tight and short clothes.

Fights started between them over many things. Kamal did not like Meena working till late night. Because of the conditions and restrictions imposed by Kamal, his life began to feel like a prison.

When Meena told Kamal Amrohi about working in films, Kamal placed a condition that he would first read the script of the film himself. The fights and distance between them increased and they separated after divorce in 1964.

Know about Meena Kumari’s husband: Kamal Amrohi

Meena Kumari’s husband’s name was Kamal Amrohi. Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi got married secretly on 14 February 1952. Only Kamal Amrohi’s friend Bakar Ali and Meena’s younger sister Madhu knew about this marriage.

kamal amrohi

Kamal Amrohi’s full name was “Syed Amir Haider Kamal Naqvi”. He was born on 17 January 1918 in Amroha, British India (presently located in Uttar Pradesh).

Amrohi was a film director and producer, screenplay and dialogue writer as well as a poet in Urdu and Hindi languages. He married four times in his entire life.

His first wife’s name was Bilkis Bano. After Bilqis’s death, Kamal married Saeeda al-Zahra Mahmoudi. After Mahmoodi, he married Meena Kumari. Amrohi married his doctor for the fourth time.

Kamal Amrohi’s last film was 1983’s Razia Sultan. He died on 11 February 1993 in Bombay (Mumbai) at the age of 75. He was buried in Rahmatabad graveyard.

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Meena Kumari Death

After separation from Amrohi, Meena Kumari went to her sister Madhu’s house and never came back to Amrohi. She was suffering from insomnia for a long time.

On the advice of her doctor, Meena had started taking a small peg of brandy to sleep. But due to separation from Amrohi in 1964, she increased the amount of brandy he drank.

In the year 1968, Meena Kumari came to know about her liver cirrhosis. Whose treatment she got in London and Switzerland. When she started feeling a little better, she came back to India and continued her work.

Meena Kumari had been acting since childhood. Because of which it was impossible for her to stay away from the film world. However, when she was near death, she started cursing the same film world.

A few days after the release of the film Pakeezah, his health worsened. Then after a few days she went into coma and ultimately Meena Kumari died on 31 March 1972 at the age of 38.


In this article you read about Meena Kumari. After reading this article, you would have come to know that hier life was not the same in real life as it appeared in the film world.

young meena kumari

In an interview, she said that she gets great satisfaction from the fact that she supported her family financially from a very young age. Let us tell you that Meena Kumari started working in films at the age of just four years.

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FAQs (Questions asked about Meena Kumari)

How did Meena Kumari die?

Meena Kumari died due to liver cirrhosis.

Where was Meena Kumari buried after her death?

As per the wishes of Meena Kumari’s husband Kamal Amrohi, Meena was buried in the Rahmatabad cemetery located in Narialwadi, Mazgaon, Bombay (Mumbai).

What is Meena Kumari’s real name?

Meena Kumari’s real name is Mehjabeen Bano.






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