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Harsh Beniwal is a content creator, comedian and actor. In this article you will know his biography and personal life like about his sister, girlfriend and other details. You will also know about the movies, web-series, TV shows done by Harsh and his net worth. He creates high quality videos for the audience and uploads them on his various social media platforms.

Harsh Beniwal Biography

harsh beniwal

Harsh Beniwal is a famous actor, YouTuber, social media influencer, content producer, entrepreneur. He has an official YouTube channel in the name of Harsh Beniwal. On which he has 15.2 million subscribers. He wanted to make a name in the entertainment industry, so he has been making more and more comedy videos.

His videos and content are much different and funnier than other comedians and YouTubers. Apart from this, he has also worked in big Bollywood movies like Student of the Year and Friday. That’s why, Harsh Beniwal’s career has grown a lot.

He did his schooling from Maharaja Agrasen Model School, New Delhi, and did Bachelors of Computer Applications (BCA) from Sri Aurobindo College, New Delhi. Harsh left his college studies in the second year itself.

He and his family follow Sikhism. Harsh’s mother’s name is Sunita Beniwal, who is a housewife and her father is a businessman. Apart from this, Harsh Beniwal is not married yet.

After leaving studies, he devoted his time to creating video content on Harsh Beniwal YouTube channel. Because of which Harsh’s acting kept improving every day and today he entertains the YouTube viewers even more with the videos.

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He started his career on YouTube on 6 May 2015 by making a comedy video named Comedy hunt – Indian mom during results. Many people have seen this video and it has become very popular on social media.


Harsh Beniwal was born on 13 February 1996 in New Delhi. Accordingly, Harsh Beniwal’s age will be 27 years in 2023.


Harsh Beniwal’s height is approximately 5 feet and 5 inches i.e. 167 centimeters.


Harsh Beniwal’s girlfriend’s name is Meghna Gupta and she is also an actor and model.


Harsh Beniwal’s sister’s name is Priya Beniwal. Priya Beniwal is also an Indian fashion model and social media influencer on YouTube. Priya is active on Instagram. Priya keeps sharing things related to her lifestyle and also mini vlogs on Instagram.

Priya Beniwal YouTube channel has got more than 1 lakh 90 thousand subscribers in 2023. She uploads lifestyle, beauty, fashion and vlogs videos on her YouTube channel.

Priya Beniwal is married to Milind Gaba. Milind Gaba is also an actor, singer, lyricist, video and music producer.

Harsh Beniwal’s movies and tv shows

Harsh Beniwal has worked in more than 50 movies and in these movies, Harsh has played his character very well. Harsh makes the audience laugh with his acting.

Harsh Beniwal has played great characters in historical movies like Students of the Year, Checkmate and Friday. Because of his acting, he has received a lot of praise from people. Apart from this, Harsh also won the hearts of people with his acting on the stage of Kapil Sharma’s TV show and became their favorite.

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Harsh Beniwal’s web series

Harsh Beniwal has worked in more than 5 web series and has played his character very well. Harsh has done a very good job in the web series named Who Killed Jessica. Due to which his acting career took off and he achieved a new position in the acting world.

Income and Net worth

Harsh Beniwal’s estimated net worth cannot be estimated accurately as a major part of his income comes from YouTube. We know that the money received from views and brand promotion on YouTube keeps increasing and decreasing. Still, according to an estimate, he earns around Rs 22 to 25 lakh every month from YouTube.

Apart from this, he earns around Rs 75 thousand to Rs 1.5 lakh every month from Instagram. And his annual average earning is around Rs 7.25 crore.

Harsh Beniwal’s social media details

Apart from YouTube, Harsh manages his Instagram account well. He has more than 6 million followers on Instagram. He has made more than 950 posts on his Instagram so far. Apart from this, Harsh Beniwal has followed more than 400 people on Instagram.

Harsh uploads posts related to acting, comedy and lifestyle on his Instagram account.

Harsh Beniwal Facebook account has more than 3.9 million followers so far. Harsh collects millions of views and likes by posting his comedy videos on Facebook.

Apart from all this, Harsh is also very famous on Twitter. He started Twitter in June 2010. Harsh has more than 1 million followers on his Twitter account and has made more than 1100 posts so far.

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Harsh Beniwal shares videos and many other things with his fans on Twitter.


In Harsh Beniwal’s biography, you will know that he has proved himself through dedication and hard work. He has been able to reach this position today by doing many different things. Today everyone is praising him a lot and taking inspiration from Harsh Beniwal to work hard and move forward.

Even though this journey may have been long for Harsh Beniwal, he will always remember this journey as a good memory. We should learn a lot from him, never run away from work and do any work well with full concentration, only then we will get success in that work.

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