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emraan hashmi's wife praveen shahani

Emraan Hashmi is one of the few stars in the film world whom film people like very much. Very few people know about his personal life. Imran’s wife Parveen Shahani is not much in the news, hence people know little about her. For complete information, read this article till the end.

Who is Emraan Hashmi’s wife?

emraan hashmi wife
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Emraan Hashmi has given many amazing films like Murder, Gangster, Jannat, etc. which have been nominated for awards many times. Emraan Hashmi, who is known as a serial kisser, is a bit different from the one seen in films as in real life.

In real life, he loves his wife Parveen Shahani very much. Both of them also have a son. Imran and Parveen got married in December 2006.

Emraan Hashmi and Parveen Shahani’s story

parveen and emraan in young age
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Imran and Parveen know each other since school. Both of them are friends since their school days and they also liked each other.

Imran has many times told about his wife that he loves Parveen very much and Parveen is the true love of his life. Even before Imran became a big actor, both of them were dating each other.

After a relationship of about six and a half years, both of them decided to get married. However, even in those days Imran was struggling for his film career.

Like other couples, Parveen and Imran do not share things related to their personal life and relationship with people. Perhaps that’s why they are not seen together in the news and on the red carpet as much as other couples.

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Their mariage was also done like a normal Muslim marriage ceremony. After almost ten years of living together, Imran and Parveen got married on 14 December 2006. In which some of their close friends and family members involved, including the Bhatt family.

Both of them were very happy in their married life, their happiness increased even more when their son was born on 3 February 2010. His name is Aayan.

Parveen Shahani is not very active on social media platforms, although she keeps posting occasionally on her Parveen Hashmi Instagram account.

Emraan and Parveen’s life after Ayaan’s birth

parveen and emraan family photo

After Ayaan’s birth they were living their lives happily. Everything was going well but one day when Ayaan had a medical checkup, it was found that he had first-stage cancer. This incident happened in January 2014, at that time Ayaan was only 4 years old.

Ayaan’s medical diagnosis revealed that he had malignant tumor cells in his kidneys. Parveen and Imran are heartbroken after hearing this news.

This time was full of sorrow for the entire family. Parveen and Imran knew that they had to be strong and patient for their Ayaan.

Both of them got Ayaan treated by the best doctors and they had to go to Canada to get Ayaan treated.

In 2016, Emraan Hashmi launched a book named “The Kiss of Life”, which was based on the cancer journey of Emraan’s son Ayaan.

emraan hashmi book the kiss of life
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Due to Ayaan’s treatment and his work, Imran had to travel a lot. Ayaan’s cancer treatment was successfully completed in January 2019 after almost 5 years of treatment. The news of Ayaan being cancer free brought happiness back into the lives of Parveen and Imran.

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Imran’s personal life is completely different from his film life. Because in films he is shown in love with many women, but in real life he loves only his wife Parveen Shahani.

In this article you learned who is Emraan Hashmi’s wife and how long has Emraan known her. Imran loves his wife and son Ayaan very much, they both are very happy with each other.

emraan hashmi and ayaan hashmi
Emraan Hashmi with his son Ayaan, Pic: Instagram

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