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bindass kavya

Bindaas Kavya is one of the famous female vloggers of India. In this article you will know Bindass Kavya biography. Know about his age, birthday, income, family, etc. Apart from all this information, we will also know why Kavya left her home in September 2022 and where she was found.

Bindass Kavya Biography

bindass kavya biography

Bindaas Kavya is a social media influencer and YouTuber. Kavya was born in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Kavya’s father is a government contractor and mother is a lawyer. Kavya started her acting career at a very young age with Tik-Tok. Kavya’s nickname is Dibuu.

Age and Birthday

Bindas Kavya was born on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. She is currently around 19 years old in 2023.


Bindas Kavya i.e. Kavya Yadav height is approximately 5 feet 4 inches (or approximately 165 centimeters).

Bindass Kavya family

There are five people in the family of Bindas Kavya, apart from Kavya, there are 2 younger brothers and parents in her family. Kavya’s father’s name is Suraj Yadav and he is a government contractor.

Mother’s name is Anu Yadav and she is a lawyer. People call Kavya’s youngest brother Chiku and the name of her elder brother is Krishna Yadav.

S.No.Family MembersMember’s Name
1.Bindass Kavya’s Real NameKumari Kavya Shri Yadav
2.FatherSuraj Yadav
3.MotherAnu Yadav
4.Elder BrotherKrishna Yadav
5.Youngest BrotherChiku

Earning and Income Source

Bindas Kavya’s main source of income is YouTube Ads (i.e. Google Adsense). She gets many brand promotion offers from which she earns lakhs and she also promotes social media accounts.

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Apart from all this, she may have other sources of income. The income of brand promotion and YouTube keeps increasing and decreasing. Still today Kavya’s income is in lakhs and it is increasing day by day.

Vlogging Journey

Kavya uploaded her first video on Bindass Kavya Youtube channel almost 4 years ago on 11 August 2019. The title of that video is OMG!! Gaon ki life kitni best hai aap yakin nahi karoge!, There was BindassKAVYA VLOG which currently has millions of views. We can say that her YouTube career started with this video.

Bindass Kavya Missing News

In September 2022, the news of YouTuber Bindass Kavya missing came out due to which the concern of many people had increased. On September 9, 2022, Kavya left home after she had an argument with her parents.

The very next day on 10th, Kavya’s parents did live streaming of bindass kavya missing news on Kavya’s YouTube channel in which they requested people to find Kavya.

On the same day, news of Kavya’s discovery was received at Itarsi railway station. According to Government Railway Police (GRP) sub-inspector Vibhendu Vyankatesh Tandia, he saw Kavya in the sleeper coach of Kushinagar Express train on Saturday.

After that Kavya was returned to her home. According to some media reports, Kavya left her house due to scolding from her parents.

Bindass Kavya’s social media account details

Apart from YouTube, Kavya Yadav has the great number of followers on Instagram (@bindass_kavya). Bindass Kavya has more than 2.2 million followers on Instagram in 2023.

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Apart from acting, dancing and comedy, she keeps posting many other types of video content on Instagram. Till now she has uploaded more than 630 posts on her Instagram account.

Bindass Kavya is famous by the name Kavya on Twitter(@bindass_kavya). She created her account on Twitter in January 2018. She has more than 10 thousand followers on her Twitter account and she has made more than 540 posts on Twitter so far in 2023

Kavya is also on Facebook. She is on Facebook with the name Kavya Yadav and till now she has more than 2 lakh 10 thousand followers on her Facebook account in 2023.

Kavya Yadav’s Bindass Kavya YouTube channel has more than 9.95 million subscribers in 2023. She created the @BindassKavya channel on 7 November 2017 and she has uploaded more than 600 videos on this channel in 2023.

Kavya Yadav also has a channel @bindasskavyagaming. She created this channel on 14 March 2018. This channel has around 1.8 million subscribers and have uploaded more than 440 videos so far in 2023.

Kavya had uploaded her first video on that channel about 4 years ago on 27 March 2019. The title of that video is OMG! Everyone came to meet me in the last zone. PUBG MOBILE | It was BindassKavya.

Kavya Yadav plays and uploads various online and offline video games on the BindassKavya Gaming Youtube channel. She is not currently active on this channel.

S.No.Social Media PlatformsHandles
6.For Business
7.For business


In this article, you learned how she started creating video content from a very young age. Initially she used to upload video content on Tik-Tok.

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Also read the biography of Elvish Yadav and know how he became so famous at such a young age.

But after the government banned Tik-Tok, she started paying more attention to YouTube. In today’s time, Bindas Kavya has become a famous personality. Soon her YouTube channel is going to have 1 crore subscribers.

Kavya Yadav’s parents are behind such a big achievement and recognition, especially her mother Anu Yadav, who supported Kavya from the beginning and also helped her in creating video content.

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