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anisha dixit

Anisha Dixit is a famous female YouTuber. She has millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel, which means that millions of people in our country know about her. She is known as Ani, Anisha and Rickshawali and makes videos related to comedy, daily life, etc.

Anisha Dixit Biography

anisha dixit biography

Anisha was born in Germany and did her schooling from Germany itself and she is a famous artist who does acting, modeling, also creates various other types of content.

She started her YouTube career in 2013. She started a YouTube channel @rickshawali on 17 November 2013 and uploaded the first video exactly 9 years ago. Later she changed the name of her YouTube channel to Anisha Dixit.

Apart from this, she has two more YouTube channels. On Anisha Dixit Shorts channel, she creates and uploads YouTube shorts and on other channels she mostly uploads content related to daily vlog.

Age and Birthday

Anisha Dixit was born on 17 January 1991 in Berlin, the capital of Germany. She was 32 years old in 2023.


Anisha Dixit’s height is 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm) and weight is around 60 kg. Her height is much more than the average height of Indian women by 5 feet.


Anisha Dixit has done Diploma in Acting. She did schooling from high school in Germany. Apart from this, she completed her college studies at The Lee Strasberg Theater, New York.

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Family and Husband

Anisha’s father’s name is Ashish Dixit and her step-father’s name is Willy. Her mother’s name is Diya Dixit and her sister’s name is Devika Dixit.

Anisha Dixit’s husband’s name is Caleb and he is a resident of Switzerland. Anisha says that she was dating Caleb for 6 years before marriage.

According to Anisha, both of them got married only after the consent of their families. She also says that the name of her YouTube channel Rickshawali was also given by her husband.

Check her YouTube Journey

Anisha uploaded the first video on her YouTube channel @rickshawali on 21 November 2013, titled My First Video (WARNING). Ram Leela Film Review | There are rickshaw pullers. She reviewed the movie Ram Leela in this video.

The special thing about this video was that she did this review in a moving auto rickshaw in Mumbai. In 2023, her YouTube channel Anisha Dixit has more than 3 million subscribers and she has uploaded more than 550 videos so far.

The name of Anisha’s second YouTube channel is Anisha Dixit Shorts. Till now (2023), her channel has more than 1.1 million subscribers. She created this channel on September 1, 2021 and till now she has uploaded more than 280 videos on this channel.

She is actively working on @AnishaDixitShorts channel and mostly creates content like funny, real life situation, comedy, different people acting, etc. on this channel.

Simply Anisha Dixit” is the name of Anisha’s third YouTube channel. She creates and uploads content related to fashion, lifestyle, motivation, inspiration, travel Vlogs, daily life vlogs on this channel.

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More than 58 thousand people have joined her @AniTime channel so far and Anisha has uploaded only 8 videos on this channel so far. Although she is not currently working actively on this channel.

Social Media Account Details

Apart from YouTube, Anisha also uploads videos and posts on Instagram(@anishadixit). In 2023, Anisha Dixit has more than 9 lakh followers on Instagram account and she has made more than 3 thousand 500 posts so far.

Anisha’s Twitter account Anisha Dixit Twitter(@anishadixit) has so far 36 thousand followers. She created her account @anishadixit on Twitter in November 2023.

She also has an account on Facebook named Anisha Dixit which has more than 7 lakh 30 thousand followers so far in 2023.

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Anisha is a well-known social media influencer in India. She has thousands of subscribers on her various social media accounts.

The reason for Anisha Dixit’s fame is her acting skills which the audience likes very much. Sometimes she makes people laugh through her videos and various contents and sometimes she also explains and conveys moral and social issues to people very easily through her videos.

Her versatile acting and the videos describing her daily life are very much liked by today’s youth because many of the situations shown by Anisha are very relevant to the lives of today’s youth.

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