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Alanna Panday: Affairs | Love Story | Controversy & Interesting Facts

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Alana Pandey is an Indian model and internet celebrity. Alana has made her mark on social media. She is a well-known influencer. She discusses fashion on social media and shares cute pictures of her outfits. However, Alana has not shown interest in acting. Alana’s social media shows that she is interested in modeling. Alana is the cousin of Bollywood film actress Ananya Pandey. She is the niece of Indian actor Chaki Pandey (Ananya Pandey’s father).

Alana was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is the daughter of Chikki Pandey, an Indian businesswoman, and Deanne Pandey, an Indian author. She received her education from the “London School of Fashion” with a degree in fashion design. Alana’s includes her lifestyle, affair, husband, favorite things and facts.

Alanna Panday Affairs

Alana Pandey was in love with a boy, UD Jaisingh, son of famous designer Manisha Jaisingh. She was dating UD. Both are together since 2012. Alana and UD used to share holiday pictures on social media. But gradually there was a distance between the two and they broke up. UD was shouting at Alana on the phone while working out in the gym.

Alanna Panday Love Story

Alana Panday with McCrae

Alana Panday went to a Halloween party where she met a boy named Ivor McCrae. Soon after meeting each other, the two started living together. Alana runs a YouTube channel named “Alana & Ivor”. Which has more than one lakh subscribers. In 2021, McCrae shared a picture of herself kissing on a white sand beach in the Maldives, where Ivor proposed to her after being in a long-term relationship. Alana accepted the proposal. Alana Panday announced the engagement by sharing a cute picture on her Instagram.

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Favorite Things

  • Alana loves sweets, but she dislikes Paan.
  • Alana considers her birthday very important and it is her favourite day of the year.
  • Alana loves to save money rather than investing and spending it.
  • Alana doesn’t know how to cook, whereas her lover enjoys cooking.
  • The social media influencer loves animals and wants to have a pet of her own.
  • Alana does not drive, as noted on her YouTube channel.
  • Alana is a non-vegetarian.
  • Alana doesn’t like drinking, she drinks only on special occasions, according to a question-and-answer video on her YouTube channel.

Controversy & Interesting  Facts About Alanna Panday

Alanna Panday
  • Ananya Panday did not attend her cousin Alana’s engagement, rumours spread which created a controversy. However, Alana and Ivor cleared the confusion by saying in a vlog that Ananya was busy shooting for a film so could not attend the engagement ceremony.
  • Alanna uploads videos on her YouTube channel, in which she talks about her life and travels in Los Angeles.
  • Alana’s father is a businessman, who has served as a member of the Ministry of Steel of the Government of India.
  • Alana Panday is the niece of famous Bollywood actor Chucky Panday, and cousin of actress Ananya Panday.
  • Alana and Ivar’s first official date was at “The Pumpkin Patch” in America.
  • Alana has appeared on the cover page of Peacock magazine along with Tania Shroff, Ahaan Pandey and Alia Kashyap.
  • Alana’s friends have a book titled “Stup*d Sh*t Alana Say” which they use to tease her.
  • Alana has participated in social media campaigns for beauty brands such as L’Oreal Paris and Rare Beauty.
  • To stay fit, Alana practices “Ekro Yoga” with her husband.
  • Alana lies, often laughing while lying. She admitted in a question-and-answer video.
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